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 Hablamos de Europa y marco financiero plurianual
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Unión Europea

Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020

The European Union exists to deliver value added to its 500 million citizens. I believe it can be a force for economic renewal in Europe and globally. To do this, we need a budget that is innovative, attuned to the new realities of globalisation, and that responds to today's challenges and creates opportunities for tomorrow.

All across Europe, governments, businesses and families are choosing carefully where to spend their money. It is a time to think carefully about where to cut back and where to invest for the future.

The European Union must also live within its means while investing for the future. We have a relatively small budget of only around 1% of Europe's wealth (measured by GNI) which represents around one fiftieth of the budgets of Member States. But it is a budget that is important because it is almost entirely spent on investments, not consumption, and can make a real difference if the right choices are made.

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