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European e-skills week 2012

The European e-Skills week 2012 is a grassroots campaign focused on showing people how to get jobs and e-skills for life in the digital age.

The European Commission - DG Enterprise and Industry - is to organise a European e-skills week in 2012 on 26-30 March 2012, with the cooperation of DIGITALEUROPE and European Schoolnet.

Industry partners - including leading ICT companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and numerous SMEs across Europe - in partnership with education bodies and public authorities, will deliver a large and diverse programme of events and activities in more than 30 European countries. Ministries of Education have embraced the importance of ICT and are working with industry to deliver an exciting choice of options for people looking for work, and for young people thinking about what career options are open to them.

The first European e-Skills week delivered hundreds events and activities in March 2010 that raised awareness amongst 65 million citizens in 35 countries of the importance of gaining e-skills for jobs and for life.

Preparatory work for the 'European e-skills week 2012 to deliver e-skills for jobs' will commence in December 2011 and activities will continue up until May 2012. Options for education, training, and opportunities for jobs and growth will be a highlight, and will demonstrate why ICT is so important for any new job.

To join the fight against unemployment citizens, companies and governments are invited engage in the European e-Skills week 2012.


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